ontwerpen is teamwerk

beste collega’s,

Hierbij mijn ontwerpmodel voor LA2 wat ik samen met de partners in Rotterdam en Delhi ga ontwikkelen.


Damien Newman (Cen+ral)

waarvoor de volgende synopsis

Apeejay developing new education for the 21st century

a synopsis of the D(esign thinking)-lab

Apeejay teachers and staff are attending meetings in a new build pavilion on the premises of Seikh Sarai Location. This open studio provides working tables, comfortable lounge seats as well as high-tech communication and ICT facilities. Black, white and smart boards and a wall for pushpins are dividing the open space into separate areas.

This is the D-lab of Apeejay. In this setting participants are invited to work in co-creation on challenges they face in education for the future.  All bets are off.  The openness of the building invites even curious students to take a peek and join the process of designing and creating new education.  Solutions, ideas and products are tested almost instantly at the participating pilot schools of Seikh serai, Saket and Faridabad and the experience and feed-back  is directly influencing the process of further development.

Although it seems to be a pirate’s cove, it is all but that.  The building sometimes closes of into an almost monastery setting of contemplation and reflection. Participants are working solitary in concentration and experts are invited to give input and reflection on the process.

This process isn’t bubbling up spontaneously but well orchestrated and monitored. Like an endless documentary series, staff, teachers or students raise questions and teams are formed to research, experiment, visualize and  find answers and raise new questions  in a (un)structural way. Working during sessions lasting for several hours until they are satisfied with the outcome.  Participants are implementing and testing the outcome and reflecting on it by using the latest technology.  The process is registered and reflected upon by participants and an external advisory board to put the process in a national and even international perspective.

Being part of the D-lab is an ambition of every-one at Apeejays . To join this group of pioneers who are able to change their education in a way that students are motivated, ambitious, creative, independent and successful is felt as a teachers dream.  The sense of autonomy, competence and relatedness is motivating and stimulating. They visualize this by creating digital portfolio’s to show and reflect on their experience and personal growth.

who joins?



2 thoughts on “ontwerpen is teamwerk

  1. Hoi Paul,

    Wat een mooi voorbeeld van een leeromgeving die zowel fysiek als inhoudelijk in alle opzichten uitnodigend is! In je korte beschrijving zie ik veel uit de enGauge 21 Century Skills terugkomen. Nieuwsgierigheid, creativiteit en het nemen van risico’s wordt gestimuleerd door vrijwel direct testen van de ideeën, oplossingen en producten. De digitale portfolio’s bieden (zeker bij internationale samenwerking) een mooi medium voor digital-age literacy en interactieve communicatie. Je schrijft dat het D-lab wordt opgezet in Delhi. Hoe gaan de Rotterdamse studenten hiervan gebruik maken? Het idee spreekt me erg aan, wanneer start de bouw van een D-lab op locatie Willem de Kooning Academie? 😉

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